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I see art as a therapeutic hobby; focusing on how I feel when I apply paint. Whilst I am totally involved in the creative process, I don’t think about the outcome. I find great pleasure from spreading thick, sticky paint over a dry canvas. For me, art is about the process of escapism.

There is no way we can be children again, but we can recapture the healing aspects of spontaneous self-expression through the use of art-making. My work provides a sense of simplicity and innocence, but aims to reflect on deeper concepts around the human body. I attempt to steer away from polite representations of the body, confronting brash and boorish realities. 

Through the use of colour, I aim to question the pink girl, blue boy society we live in. Accidental mark makings and unfinished paintings appeal to me, reflecting the imperfections of every day life. 

Degree work
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Winner of Creative Safari / Ohh Deer greeting card competition 2015. These quirky and unique printed greetings cards of the monoprint designs are now available from