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There is no limit to my imagination, and how much art I can produce. I make art for my own peace of mind.

Unspoken thoughts appeal to me. Sexuality, gender, emotion, femininty and masculinity are all dominant themes in my practice. Fleshy tones are very dominant in my work, I tent to see them as little blemishes, and the canvas as skin. I have recently been trying to unpick the pink girl, blue boy society we live in.

Degree Work

I aim to demonstrate feelings related to constriction of the female identity. Accidental mark makings and unfinished paintings appeal to me, reflecting the imperfections of every day life. I see art as a theraputic hobby, focusing on the way I feel when I apply paint, and what the process means to me.

I work mostly in acrylic paint. Placing paint in an inattentive and unforgiving manner, and looking forward to the unknown is something that appeals to me. I also use monoprinting as a way to organize my constant flurry of thoughts. Each one is unique, making them much more personal.

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Winner of Creative Safari / Oh Deer greeting card competition 2015. Printed cards of the monoprint designs are available from

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