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Unspoken thoughts appeal to me. Gender, emotion, femininity and masculinity are all dominant themes in my practice. I question the pink girl, blue boy society we live in.

I attempt to steer away from polite representations of the body. My abstract work aims to embrace the gooey reality of the body. Our bodies are not polite. I aim to unpick feelings related to constriction of the female identity.

I see art as a therapeutic hobby, focusing on the way I feel when I apply paint, and what the process means to me.

I have been exploring what happens in my mind whilst I am totally involved in the creative process. There is no way we can be children again, but we can recapture the healing aspects of spontaneous self expression through the use of art.

I work mostly in acrylic paint. Placing paint in an unattentive and unforgiving manner appeals to me. Accidental mark makings and unfinished paintings appeal to me, reflecting the imperfections of every day life.

I love the colour pink in art. I believe if sex had a colour, it would be pink.

I also use monoprinting to unscramble my thoughts. Doodling helps me organise images and words internally.

Degree work